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    Company Introduction

    Company Introduction

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    Jewim Pharmaceutical (Shandong) Co., Ltd.  was founded in Dec 1993.  It is located at the foot of the world famous Mountain Tai in Shandong Province,China.
    It has an  aerosol&spray production center that can  produce 55 million tubes of medical aerosols in No.49 Chuangye Street,  East District, Tai’an Hi-Tech Industrial Development  Zone.  It has four automatic medical aerosol production lines imported from Switzerland and automatic nasal spray production lines.  It is the largest MDIs manufacturer&exporter in China.In June 2013,  aerosol &  spray passed the GMP certification of Australian TGA.
    It also has  another factory area of 138,000m2 at Peitianmen  Street,  South District,  Tai’an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, with chemical raw material synthesis workshops,  solid preparations (tablets, capsules,  granules) workshop,DPIs(capsules&device,the fill machine imported from Germany) workshop,liquid preparations (nebules, sprays,enema etc.) workshop,  semi-solid preparations  (ointments, creams, gels) workshop.
    Formed a strategic partnership with Johnson &johnson,   as its well-known trademark “Daktarin" brand of authorized manufacturer,  Our cGMP&EHS systems have been getting J &J’s   support and recognition.
    Our Misson:We are devoted to  maintaining the health of  all human beings and creating a Jewim brand with products having distinctive characteristics.
    Our Core values:   Sincere, Devoted, Esptit de Corps,Creative.
    Our Quality Policy: To achieve customer satisfaction by consistently meeting regulatory and customer requirements.  To provide consistent and sustainable production of safe and effective medicines by consistently improve the QMS.